Export KML toolbox utility does not bring Civil 3D points into Google Earth

Last updated: 2020-10-26


There may be situations where the Autodesk Export KML utility does not produce a file that can be imported by Google Earth Pro. The following error may appear.

The error occurs when a description table, of what appears to be attribute information, is added to the kml file. There are certain attributes within the kml description table that Civil 3D does not define correctly in the kml file.

Proposed workarounds include:

  1. Option 1: Use Notepad++ to remove corrupt description tables from kml file
  2. Option 2: Export point file using Civil 3D Point Report
  3. Option 3: Export shapefile using Civil 3D 202X SHP Import/Export utility

  Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Civil 3D Version 2016, 2018, 202X 2016, 2018, 202X 202X
Civil 3D objects All (also AutoCAD elements) COGO Points COGO Points, Feature Lines
Additional Software Needed Notepad++ (or equivalent) No No
Available Customization shortcuts.xml (Notepad++) No No
Available WisDOT Google style template No No WisDOTC3DPtsList.kst
Access point attribute data No Yes Yes
Display point number Yes Yes Yes
Display point description Yes Only by selecting point Only by selecting point
Point appears in Google Street View Yes No No

Warning: Do not use data in Google Earth Pro for survey control or stakeout. This information is only used for visualizing project data.