Update WisDOT Civil 3D desktop application

Last updated: 2022-12-08

Warning: The following instructions are for consultant installation and are not to be used to install on any internal WisDOT device.

WisDOT offers a single desktop application “Update WisDOT Civil 3D” to receive the latest Civil 3D standards package for WisDOT staff and consultant users.

All versions of the application after the Update WisDOT Civil 3D ver 2022.6.0.6 may be installed without the need to uninstall the previous version.

Legacy standards packages will still be available for version 2016 through a request to support.cae@dot.wi.gov

Warning: Autodesk Civil 3D is required to be fully installed, configured and initialized (opened once) prior to installing and running the Update WisDOT Civil 3D desktop app. If installed, Storm Sewer Analysis is also required to be initialized. The Update WisDOT Civil 3D desktop app does not install any Autodesk Civil 3D applications, updates, or extensions. The app deploys WisDOT standards files to be used when running Civil 3D.

Download the install file

Consultants can download the Update WisDOT Civil 3D desktop app Update WisDOT C3D_ver 20XX.x.x.x.msi from: https://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/doing-bus/eng-consultants/cnslt-rsrces/tools/cad/civil-3d.aspx

Warning: All previous versions of WisDOT Updater and/or Downloader must be uninstalled prior to installing the Update WisDOT Civil 3D_ver 20XX.x.x.x.msi. The install will remove all files for all versions of Civil 3D that have been previously installed in C:\WisDOT\Stnd, except for the temp and users folders and all previous download packages in C:\WisDOT\Downloads.

What Civil 3D product versions does the Update WisDOT Civil 3D desktop app support?

Info: WisDOT recommends switching all projects to Civil 3D 2022 unless the project is using Civil 3D 2016.

The Update WisDOT Civil 3D desktop app currently supports updates the following Civil 3D versions:

  • 2018
  • 2020
  • 2022

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