AutoTurn: Import WisDOT vehicle libraries

Last updated: 2022-10-31

Info: This topic is for external users of the WisDOT AutoTURN customization files only. Internal WisDOT user installs are managed automatically.

There are two alternatives to import the WisDOT vehicle libraries. The first alternative involves importing each vehicle manually into the vehicle database. The second alternative involves downloading the complete pre-loaded vehicle database along with the associated dwg files.

Alternative 1 - Import individual vehicles

This alternative works well when only a few vehicles need to be updated on a single workstation because each vehicle can be imported individually.

  1. Download the file. (XX = AutoTURN version) A link to the current version can be found at
  2. Extract the file to a temporary location.
  3. If the workstation has a previous version of the WisDOT vehicle library, the previous version of the vehicles must be removed before importing the new version. The vehicles in the WisDOT library are locked and cannot be removed unless the user has logged into AutoTURN as an administrator.

    To log into AutoTURN as an administrator, go to Program Settings > Permissions. Type "admin" for the password and click submit. The individual vehicles can now be unlocked and deleted.

  4. Import the desired vehicle.veh file in the Select Current Vehicle dialogue.

Alternative 2 - Replace vehicle database

This alternative works well when updating the entire WisDOT vehicle library.

  1. Download the file. (XX = AutoTURN version)
  2. Extract the file to temporary location.

Overwriting the vehicle database on a workstation will remove any custom vehicles that have been created. All custom vehicles must be exported before overwriting the vehicle database. Once the new database is in place, the custom vehicles can then be re-imported.

To export a vehicle: AutoTURN tab > Configure panel > Vehicles > Select library with custom vehicle > Highlight custom vehicle > Export Vehicle button

To import a vehicle: AutoTURN tab > Configure panel > Vehicles > Select library > Import Vehicle button

  1. Exporting and importing
  2. Once the files have been extracted on the workstation, the new vehicle database (.db extension) can be copied to the vehicle database directory. It is a good practice to rename the existing database file with a .bak extension before moving the new database file to that directory. If a vehicle is needed from the old database, it can be renamed with the .db extension.

    The default location for the vehicle database file is (AutoTURN Pro 3D shown):

    Version 10.2 & later = %AppData%\Transoft Solutions\Common\Databases\

  1. Move the remaining extracted dwg files to their destination directories. (AutoTURN Pro 3D shown)

    Extracted Folder Destination Directory
    Profiles User 10.2 & later: %AppData%\Transoft Solutions\Common\ProfilesUser\
    Vehicles User 10.2 & later: %AppData%\Transoft Solutions\Common\vehicles user\
    Vehicles3D User 10.2 & later: %AppData%\Transoft Solutions\Common\vehicles3d user\