Export Civil 3D data to Google Earth, 3D


The WisDOT coordinate projection zone category which was in use through Civil 3D 2016 and 2018 has been retired and is no longer needed in Civil 3D 2020 and beyond.

Coordinate systems in Civil 3D should only be applied when a projection transformation is needed.

Projections for Civil 3D 2020 and beyond should be selected from the Zone Category: USA, Wisconsin. WISCRS projections begin with NSRS2011 Wisconsin County CRS

Projections for Civil 3D 2016 and 2018 should be selected from the Zone Category: WisDOT.

This workflow shows how to export Civil 3D surfaces to Google Earth. These files can be uploaded onto any device and show location in the field relative to the new surfaces. This can be a powerful communication tool.

If viewed on a mobile device on site, you can see your location with respect to the Terrain and the file.

This procedure works well with projects that are on grade or in a fill situation. Projects with significant cut will not give good results as surfaces below Terrain in Google Earth do not display. Adjustments can be made for shallow cuts to yield a good visual in Street View and Map View. These adjustments are covered in this topic.

Warning: Google Earth horizontal and vertical data is not as accurate as collected existing ground data and designs based on it. All users must understand this and make sure that people they communicate and share this data with understand the limitations on accuracy as well.