Translate DGN to DWG workflow using Civil 3D 2016

Last updated: 2020-10-26

Translate DGN to DWG workflow using Civil 3D 2016

This workflow document will outline the steps involved to translate a MicroStation DGN file to AutoCAD 2016 DWG file format. The workflow will be Civil 3D based and the final deliverable will be the DWG file.

Warning: The DGN import and export capabilities are designed to provide a fundamental exchange of information between MicroStation V8 DGN files and AutoCAD DWG files. However, translating data from one format to a completely different format has inherit compromises and substitutions.

Simple elements: Simple geometric objects such as lines, arcs, and circles, and properties such as layer assignments correlate directly between the DWG and DGN data formats.

Elements with custom properties: Data with built-in features or variations are visually approximated. For example, text and dimensions might have specialized formatting, and color definitions might be customized.

Product-specific features: Some data cannot be translated completely. For example, product-specific features such as data fields or dynamic blocks can be represented visually but not behaviorally.

No symbol color: AutoCAD only supports colors for lines so all entities in the DGN file that have a color property set for a symbol in MicroStation lose the symbol color when imported as a block.

Multilines do not retain linetypes: When importing DGN files that contain multilines, any linetypes associated with the multilines do not display.

Closed property of polyline not retained: The closed property of a DGN polygon or closed polyline is automatically set to No when imporproting a DGN file into AutoCAD. This is done to ensure that linetypes display properly.